Thursday, December 11, 2008

that BUSY time of the Year!!!

It has been full on..and we have still got another week..the kids are involved in so much and there is so much to go to at this time of the year! But here are a few LO to share

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

lots happening at Uproar

We had our monthly CC and it was fantastic with new challenges to try. I did a blind scrap, there was a puzzle challenge and a card challenge which you had to incorperate an outdoor item! Also the Wipeout Game 1 is winding down - looks like i will bow out this time BUT Game 2 has just started....

the end of November

the end of november prooved to be busy with cybercrops and a trip to the hospital for bridget to get her tooth out! here's hoping nothing else will go wrong medically before the end of the year!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

more LO's

Here are a couple more LO to share

Chooks Nov CC

Chooks had a Cybercrop on last weekend - they were great challenges . Here are my LO for the 3 challenges :


Over at Uproar2scrapmore there is a competition that is not to be missed!! We are up to round 5 for Game 1 but we are soon to be starting Game 2 if you would like to pop on over and join us!! Here is the link Uproar2scrapmore

And here are my other LO from previous rounds :

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

emma turns 7

Last sunday Emma celebrated her 7th birthday with a family bbq and a friend came over to have a play.

a couple more

Here are a couple of LO that i have done recently...did more but i can't show anyone yet.They are for the Design a Kit over at Uproar2scrapmore. and my challenge for the Uproar2scrapmore Cybercrop on the 28/29/30 Nov.


Its a new competition challenge over at Uproar2scrapmore

Here is my first LO for the competition:

We had to use black and white plus 1 other colour and include flowers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bridget turns 4

We celebrated Bridgets B'day last Sunday- just had a quiet one with a cake and BBQ out in the backyard with family

Chooks Breast Cancer Fundraising

Chooks had a fundraiser for breast cancer and all donations have totalled over $1500 - think that is a terrific effort. These are the LO that i completed on our special day.

Heirloom Scrapbooking Retreat

Had a wonderful couple of days scrapping and meeting new people. I taught my first class which was a LP - i think everyone liked it! Looking forward to going to the next one next year! Here are some LO that i completed

Lots over at Uproar

Lots of things are happening over at Uproar - we have the monthly sketch, a scraplift,weekly challenges and we are about to start a new competition called " Wipeout" - so we are very excited. There is also a kit challenge for Nov. All you have to do is design a kit with 1-2 LO or 1 LO and a OTP and post instructions for at least one LO. Got my goodies from Dalena - so i'm ready to start!So come check us out - you won't be disappointed!


This is my Scraplift challenge for November - thanks Vicki for the inspiration!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

emma's new haircut

i had to do a LO of Emma's new haircut...her nan tried to save her hair by putting it in a pgtail but went to cut it straight across..but it didn't go that way...lucky for Jo Spice who fixed it up!

end of the month

Well...nearly the end of the month..just the last few LO i have done...we are going back to sydney with kayley next week to see the specialists..hopefully all will be good..then its a crop weekend which i am so looking forward first class that i am teaching..and then to top it all off...bridget turns 4...can hardly believe it!


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