Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scrapability Preview August Challenge

Hi Everyone

Well this year is flying by us isnt it? We have a mammoth month ahead of us, the Ct girls are scrapping hard at work, god bless their cotton socks, i cant wait to show you some of the girls creations i have received so far !

Do you FOLLOW scrapability?? Sign up for the Scrapability Sisterhood. ! Well we hope you do ! Sign up to get to our followers list and we will be raffling off 1 Rak for this entire group, no matter when you joined. Its just our little way of saying "thanks for supporting us !"

July Sketches - our DT girls have outdone themselves this month ! I am so in awe of this rockin team.. :) Pop over here for a look see

AUGUST ALREADY ??? Wow what a big month ahead...

We have a few things lined up as i said in August and the August Sketches are not that far away from being loaded now. Just a few more sleeps to go.


As something new and different, we wanted to challenge you all as well as provide a sketch site,so with this in mind, we are holding a challenge this month and based on the number of challengers who take it up - we will be doing them monthly as well as the sketches. Feel free to incorporate this into your August Sketches .. :) Please put sketch and challenge included in the subject line if you are incorporating your challenge into the sketch as well, so we can distinguish the ones with and without the challenge.

We want to see how creative you can really be !

We have the following – you can use as many as you want but, the most creative will win.

If you can incorporate these into your sketch you will be in the running for a mystery pack prize... Pls note that the Sketch prize will be awarded separately.

1. Cardboard of some sort whether it be letter or background or embellishment

2. Buttons – 6 or more

3. Bling – make it shine

4. Cute animal embellishment

5. Ribbon twisted

6. Shaped journaling block

7. No pics of kids please (and yes i did that on purpose -lol!)

8. Flower.

So excited to see what you all can come up with !

Entries close August 25th.. good luck !

Thats it for now ladies.
Thanks for your continued support of scrapability sketches :)

Scrapwith V August Kit

This is my kit i designed for August that is on sale at Scrapwith V- pop over to buy it here

Scrapping at Kim's

What a great and fun day and i met some new ladies and some old ones of course!!!!ha ha ha .Did a few LO but can't show a few until the beginning of the month...but these LO i can......

Scrapping at Kim's

Chooks Idol Rd # 11 - The Blues

Well my LO is certainly not BLUE !!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Scrapabilitys July #2 Sketch

Here is my take on the July #2 can be found here at Scrapability Sketches...
Why don't you give it a try and also try to include the other bits and pieces for the extra challenge!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


From going to a house mum to working every day...big changes.I love the social side and being able to communicate to adults and i suppose it will help with the bills(and maybe some scrapping supplies!!!!)

Finished a couple more LO for the Scrapwith V CC. The new DT girls did a fantastic job...i enjoyed what challenges i got done....thanks...

and this one i did over at Uproar2Scrapmore - this is their Chinese Whispers Rd 3 and i was #7 in the line up .....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

5000 visitors plus a productive weekend...

Thanks to everyone who thus far has visited my blog (even if its only for the music!!!!!!!) ...very much appreciated......

Friday, July 17, 2009

Scrapability Update

Please email your entries for a prize on this one only and your chance to be a "golden girl" for September :)

Now for something a little different :

We at scrapability have big plans for this little site - come August our dt will be hard at work on our sketches and we will be implementing a few new things as well.

First of all we have a challenge as well as 2 sketches. This challenge will be a sign of things to come we hope. You have a list of items and from these you can do either - create a layout with 5 of those items listed or incorporate it into our sketch for the month or from one of our past sketches. Its up to you ! A prize awarded to the most creative entry :)Entries close 25th August.


We want to see how creative you can really be !

Ok, so out of this : we have the following – you can use as many as you want but, the most creative will win.

If you can incorporate these into your sketch you will be in the running for a mystery pack prize.

(We will be offering a mystery pack for this prize one for Dt and one for followers.)

1. Cardboard of some sort whether it be letter or background or embelly...

2. Buttons – 6 or more J

3. Bling – make it shine J

4. Cute animal embelly

5. Ribbon twisted

6. Shaped journaling block

7. No pics of kids.

8. Flower.

Cant wait to see what you all come up with !

All of these will be posted first week of the month so keep an eye out - also we have Arty Pants as our main sponsor for this particular month so i can assure you the prizes will be brillant.You have until the 25th to get them in by.

The First Golden Girl - Kim Toms will be making her first entry for us and her gorgeous layouts being showcased for the month :) as well her take on her own sketch from me :) Thanks Kim :)

A sneak peek of all the things to come in August will be available next week - so until then - get your thinking caps on !

You can visit here

Rebecca is also looking for sites to sponsor our monthly sketches- if you atre interested please pop over to the Scrapability site and send an email. Scrapability is a new and exciting site and we would love more people to join in on our monthly sketches - so spread the word around and have a go at our sketches.....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Job

Well hopefully i won't be cutting back on my scrapbooking but i have some casual is because i have not worked in over 7 years cause i have been a totally different and just have to be organised family wise and from a day to day basis....

So here are a few LO that have come in between all of these happenings....

July 123 Challenge

ScrapwithV Cybercrop

Monday, July 13, 2009

August Scrap with V Kit - Sneak Peak

Feeling Better

Hopefully after a complete days rest in bed i am much better....and the girls are too...waiting for hubby to fall down in a heap now....School holidays have started and wishing already that they are over...anyone want to swap 3 girls for 2 weeks....

Chooks July Sketches

Really liked doing these two July sketches for to do my Rd 10 of Idol .....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The NEW {& old} 123 Creative Team Members

The NEW {& old} 123 Creative Team Members are being added daily from today.... keep popping in and finding out who these wonderful people are!!!

Not only will we be showcasing their layouts and inspiring you to create YOUR July 123 Challenge Layouts, but they'll be in the Spotlight too!

so make sure you check out both 123 Blogs....

123 Challenge Blog

Who's in the Spotlight?


We also hope to receive YOUR beautiful creations as well!!!

Email your entries to:

Final Goodbyes....

Yes....i have officially finished as a TT member on Uproar2Scrapmore.

I have enjoyed my time over there and working with Dalena and the various TT throughout my time....thankyou.....

I will miss you all but i will still stick around for challenges and cybercrops!!!!Looking forward to sitting back, relaxing and letting new TT members display their gorgeous work and contribute to the Uproar Forum.

Hope all goes well for you, your family and the Uproar site Dee .....




Got the bug..

The kids have been down and out with a bug thats going around with headaches, body aching and sore throat....and guess what..mother is always the last to get! But the school holidays are just around the corner, so i should get alot of scrapping done...

I got the shop and crop kit done for June...thanks Deb..loved it! And one for RSS...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Quiet Weekend

Got one girl whom is sick- just hoping that is all it is.Another who is just playing and one pest to everyone! DH is working overtime so we are just relaxing at home today and i got a couple of LO done...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Chooks Idol- Boy Bands

July 123 Challenge

July 123 Criteria is....
altered photo - either digitally altered or manually altered (eg, sanded, journalled on)
Kate Middleton

Use paint on a stamp (s) for your layout.
Mandy Dodd

polka dots
Karen Brierley

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Email your entries to by the last day of July!!!

Details of sponsors coming soon - and also winners announced very soon too!

Love Charmane & Karlene

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scrapability Sketches

Here is the first sketch for July and my first for this site...come visit and have a go at Scrapability Sketches

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 123 Challenge

Chooks Idol Rd 8 -Ballads

Sold out

My July Class kit has sold quick


Thankyou to the lovely Jan for my beautiful LO of Bridget for our photo swap at ScrapAwhile


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