Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scrapability Preview August Challenge

Hi Everyone

Well this year is flying by us isnt it? We have a mammoth month ahead of us, the Ct girls are scrapping hard at work, god bless their cotton socks, i cant wait to show you some of the girls creations i have received so far !

Do you FOLLOW scrapability?? Sign up for the Scrapability Sisterhood. ! Well we hope you do ! Sign up to get to our followers list and we will be raffling off 1 Rak for this entire group, no matter when you joined. Its just our little way of saying "thanks for supporting us !"

July Sketches - our DT girls have outdone themselves this month ! I am so in awe of this rockin team.. :) Pop over here for a look see

AUGUST ALREADY ??? Wow what a big month ahead...

We have a few things lined up as i said in August and the August Sketches are not that far away from being loaded now. Just a few more sleeps to go.


As something new and different, we wanted to challenge you all as well as provide a sketch site,so with this in mind, we are holding a challenge this month and based on the number of challengers who take it up - we will be doing them monthly as well as the sketches. Feel free to incorporate this into your August Sketches .. :) Please put sketch and challenge included in the subject line if you are incorporating your challenge into the sketch as well, so we can distinguish the ones with and without the challenge.

We want to see how creative you can really be !

We have the following – you can use as many as you want but, the most creative will win.

If you can incorporate these into your sketch you will be in the running for a mystery pack prize... Pls note that the Sketch prize will be awarded separately.

1. Cardboard of some sort whether it be letter or background or embellishment

2. Buttons – 6 or more

3. Bling – make it shine

4. Cute animal embellishment

5. Ribbon twisted

6. Shaped journaling block

7. No pics of kids please (and yes i did that on purpose -lol!)

8. Flower.

So excited to see what you all can come up with !

Entries close August 25th.. good luck !

Thats it for now ladies.
Thanks for your continued support of scrapability sketches :)

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