Friday, May 29, 2009

Uproar CC this Weekend heard the roar....

Uproar Cybercrop starts tonight. There will be lots of challenges, chatting and games!!!! Lisa has a new game lined up for us and i will be running BINGO tonight at 8:30 pm. So come join us here at Uproar.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just 1

Just got 1 LO done for Savvy on the weekend....just busy with netball and housework....we had 2 beautiful sunny days on the weekend...too good not to enjoy!

Emma's BIG Netball Day

Emma had her first game of Modified netball and really enjoyed it...she loves getting in and trying to get the ball...she has even scored a goal! Having played Fun Net for many years, Emma has an advantage over the other girls....

bridget had a go at Fun Net but lasted 1 game...she might be a Soccer girl i personally think!

What my girls got up to...

My 3 girls decided to raid my scrapping paper and they came up with these....they might keep the birds out of our garden...they are very friendly looking scarecrows!

123 Blog Party

The 123 Challenge Blog is having a BIG BLOG PARTY - held on Monday June 15th - MUSIC, CHATTING and we have LOADS of prizes up for grabs - with games to play - bingo, treasure hunt, blog hopping and MORE! and they'll be ONE BIG SCRAPPING CHALLENGE.... there's only one catch - you MUST complete the June 123 Challenge to be in the running to win!!! More details SOON!!!

123 May Challenge

ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO to get your May 123 Challenge layouts in - if you have been thinking of applying for the 123 Creative Team this is your last week to get this part of your application in! If you need some inspiration - go check out the 123 Challenge Blog

Thursday, May 21, 2009

SAW Cybercrop

What a weekend we had...great games, great auctions and great company....

Thanks Susan for setting a challenge for our cybercrop and having a chat with us on Saturday night.

I have completed a few challenges...hope to get the lot done...see how i go! Been busy getting all the kits and classes ready for the retreat and other classes for the shop....hope you all will buy them and enjoy...

Chooks Idol-Round 6

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Come Join us for ScrapAWhile Cybercrop in the Forum
PLUS 25% off SALE in the online store

Alita’s Challenge - You’ll need an old photograph - preferably over 20 years old which has female/s in it that have been inspirational to you in some way, so grandma, aunt, family friend - even think of famous people.

Find and use a Quote

Lots of embellishments - ribbons, lace etc

And - wait for it - no Patterned paper!!! Yes OMG none at all!!

Kylie"s Challenge-

So my challenge is to complete a LO- doesn’t matter what size canvas you have chosen, and make a gift to someone you cherish, admire for friendship or love with that canvas.

Amanda’s Challenge

Go forth and scrap! Here’s what you need to include in your layout:
* female subject with whom you have a special relationship (non human subject OK)
* minimum of 3 photos of that same person/pet
* name of the person/pet as title
* journalling about the subject’s special qualities
* feminine colour scheme (got to be mainly pink)
* at least 4 different types of embellishments

Kellie’s Challenge - Blind Challenge

What you will need
1 6 x 4 portrait photo
12×12 base for layout (card or PP)
A- 7 x 9 inches
B- 2 x 6 3/4 inches
C- 1 1/2 x 10 inches
D- Ribbon 12 inches long
3 x 1 1/2 inches of ribbon

and here are the instructions

Place A approx 1 3/4 inches from the left and 1 3/8 of an inch from the top of the base of your LO.

Place B down the page 1 inch from the left side of A and 1 1/4 inches from the bottom of A.

Place C down the page 4 inches from the right side of the base of your LO and
1 1/4 inches from the bottom of the base of the LO.

Place the photo 1 3/8 inches from the left side of A and 1 5/8 inches from the bottom of A.

Place the 12 inch piece of ribbon accross the page 2 1/8 from the bottom of the LO.

Stick the 3 small pieces of ribbon on the top left side of A.

Add a title to the bottom right corner

Tanja’s Challenge is:

What do I see… A layout using single words to discribe the person you are.
Please include stamping. Now if you don’t have a stamp you can always use something else…

Guest Designer - Susan Longman’s Challenge:“Butterfly Effect”
For my challenge I would like you to think about your OLDEST (in year you have known them) female friend/s and how she has influenced your life.

Criteria for the layout:
Minimum of 30 word journaling about her influence on your life…

Use an equal number of OLDEST items of stash on your layout to friends you are journaling about +1…So if you have one best friend then you are required to use 2 Old items of old stash…if you have 2 besties then you are required to use 3 items of old stash…

Use the sketch provided as a guide for your layout design…

What’s on the agenda for today at our CyberCrop??

This morning is chat time
10am Game time
More Chat through the afternoon
7:30 pm Kylies surprise challenge
8.30pm Auction

Chooks May CC

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ScapAWhile Retreat

I have been really busy in the last couple of days completing kits for the retreat and classes at ScrapAWhile. I hope everyone will enjoy what i have done and that alot of people will buy the kits to complete at the SWOF. Here is a sneak peak at one:

May 123 Challenge

Been a Slack Blogger

Sorry i have been really slack....lots going on in the Symons world! Bridget has new glasses and she looks amazing and loves them...i thought she wouldn't take to them at all but obviously she had trouble seeing and they make a difference! The girls played their first game of netball last weekend and they both lost but had close games. Andrew and i travellled to Wollongong for a friends wedding...very simple but nice

Got a walk to school day tommorrow....the girls are looking forward to this but i'm not! Get their school photos back tommorrow so i'm looking forward to seeing them. I am the fundraising organiser for the Tumut Preschool this year so i have organised to have a giant big toy stocking for our major prize..we have a street stall before the end of the year and is always popular within th tumut community...

ScrapAWhile Cybercrop

‘Celebrating the Feminine’

Join us and our guest designer – Susan Longman and

Come and celebrate with us all the special relationships with the wonderful women that have shared your life - good friends, sisters, work colleagues.

Book it in the diary and register online on the forum -

Friday 15th – Sunday 17th May (this weekend)

Challenges, games & chat

Check out hints for the challenges to ensure that your ready to go – don’t forget we give you the week to complete everything so there’s no stress in our Cyber crop!

Monday, May 4, 2009

ScrapwithV May Kit

My kit has nearly sold out for this month already....but you can head over to Scrap with V online shop to check it out....

Local Retreat

Went to a retreat held out at a B&B near Tumut....wonderful place, food and company....Thanks to Kim for organising this fantastic weekend of scrapping fun and to Jan for teaching some classes....I also taught 2 classes - one using scraps and the other a doodle page with liquid paper.....looking forward to our next one in October.

But here are all my LO that i completed this weekend...

Chooks Idol - Round 5

May 123 Challenge is......

1. Mixed up alphas for the title - Tash Allen and Long Title - Jan Fletcher

2. 3 different ribbons used creatively (not just stuck down straight) - Nina Granzian

3. Journaling spots - Manon

Seems like a pretty easy one.. hope to see lots of entries!!


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