Thursday, May 14, 2009

Been a Slack Blogger

Sorry i have been really slack....lots going on in the Symons world! Bridget has new glasses and she looks amazing and loves them...i thought she wouldn't take to them at all but obviously she had trouble seeing and they make a difference! The girls played their first game of netball last weekend and they both lost but had close games. Andrew and i travellled to Wollongong for a friends wedding...very simple but nice

Got a walk to school day tommorrow....the girls are looking forward to this but i'm not! Get their school photos back tommorrow so i'm looking forward to seeing them. I am the fundraising organiser for the Tumut Preschool this year so i have organised to have a giant big toy stocking for our major prize..we have a street stall before the end of the year and is always popular within th tumut community...

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