Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've been Tagged!!!

So here's what happens.
You answer questions about yourself, then at the end of your post, tag 4 other people, leaving a message on their blog to say they've been tagged.
And also let the person who tagged you know that you've answered their questions.

So here's the questions:
Question 1: Ten years ago.......I was single but had a relationship with my DH and we were young and in love!

Question 2: Five things on todays 'to do' list:

1 Get breakie
2 Do the washing
3 Get dinner organised
4 Scrap
5 Update my blog

Question 3: Snacks I enjoy: chocolate - any sort at anytime!!

Question 4: Things I would do if I was a millionaire: Build a 5 B'Room house, holiday and invest money for childrens future.

Question 5: Places I have lived: Tumut - all my life!

and so I tag: Julie , Janine, Kathryn and Jaimie

Hope you'll play along.


~Kathryn~ said...

done !!!

Julie said...

I'm done too!!
Congrats Kylie on the 1,2,3 creative team!!!..well done!


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