Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Couple more

First pic is of my leg..i fell through a friends filter for their is a 30 year old salt pool which hasn't been maintained i have been resting and scrapping!Bad thing is i had my mobile in my pocket when i fell..well that went straight in the pool...hubby reckons i was lucky not to have broken my leg


lindy said...

kylie your leg looks sore hope iy gets soon
love your layouts

Wendy said...

Kylie, you were indeed lucky you didn't break your leg! Ouch!!! Enjoy your scrapping time while you are resting up. Your layouts are great.

Amanda said...

{{Hugs}} Kylie! Hope your leg gets better soon - looks sore - ouch!

Enjoy your scrapping time - it's the perfect excuse. Couldn't have planned it better except without the pain and loss of mobi of course! ;-)


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