Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What hasn't happened

Well school has been hectic....Both the girls have been elected Vice Captains for their house at school..they have their swimming carnival next week and Emma is very excited cause its her first one!The girls have got back into little A's,soon to be Gym and basketball.Kayley tried out for the Tumut Rep side for U'12-we'll find out later in the week if she got in. We had a 24 hr Swim a Thon last weekend raising $24,000 + .I swam and did 10o laps but got badly sun burnt which i have been in pain alot.My dad flies back into Australia tonight-he has been over in the USA since just after Xmas. We go back down to sydney at the end of this month for Kayleys results from her MRI and Bridget will finally be assessed for Autism too. Andrew has been working alot which he hates...Its our 10th wedding anniversary this friday and we are venturing down to Batemans Bay for 2 nights without the kids! Might be able to sleep right through the night for the first time without been woken up by "mum i want a drink" or "my legs sore" or "i can't sleep".But i have managed a few LO to show..did a few more but can't reveal them yet!

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