Sunday, March 1, 2009

Celebration time in the Symons Family

Well the sydney trip was a success! We had the all clear from the doctors in sydney with Kayley and they don't want to see her for another 12 months and Bridgets appointment was kind of a success....she wasn't diagnosed with Autism but we might have to look into other avenues.....while in sydney we went to the beach and seen the "big" boats in the harbour....and i actually got a nice pic of myself and hubby that kayley took that i have scrapped already...


Alita said...

Such great news about Kayley and at least for Bridget you can rule something out. Good to have some family time together after the last few months.

Julie said...

Hey Kylie, that's great news about Kayley!!...I'm sure that's a load off your mind. Good too that you're getting some answers about Bridget.
Looks like you had a lovely time in Sydney...looking forward to seeing you again at the S&C retreat!!


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