Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scrapability Feb Sketch



Terms and conditions of Scrapability Soup..

How it works:

Ok, heres the deal..think of this competition as a meal.. a soup.. and in each soup is a mix of ingredients isnt there? to create the soup. So, with this in mind i decided to create a list of ingredients (criteria) and the method to make it (the layout) and then give it a mix together to get our soup.. (a twist).. get me so far?

So for example, you may have three photos, a colour, three embellishments and some staples for eg, as your ingredients and then we have the stir..(twist) so that maybe to use only pp..

Each day starting today i will post an "ingredient" to your "soup recipe" and you are to create the layout using these ingredients. On Friday of each week we will have the "stir".. (twist) as well. So you will have 5 ingredients and a twist to create your layout with.. It sounds like fun to me.. :)

Each recipe will begin on the Monday and the layout is due by the following Sunday by 5.00pm. . then all the layouts will be "tasted" on Sunday night and the lowest three voted will be asked to do the "scrap off" which they will have 2 days to complete. This will be announced in the forum and you will have until Tuesday night to get them uploaded. We will then have a public vote on the layouts submitted. The winner will be announced on the Wednesday and will stay in the competition and proceed to the next round. You will also be required to complete that weeks round as well.

Now the Yukky stuff...:-)

1. All contestants are to submit by the due time and date. All entries received after this date will be excluded from the competition.

2. ALL entries are to be completed. The people who do not submit an entry will be automatically out of the competition. This is due to the high number of people we have in the competition.

3. All entries will be considered and graded on the technique and style and how well the challenge is interpreted. The lowest 3 voted will have a scrap off..

4. Any time the contestant wishes to leave the competition (even from the first day) please email me and let me know. Thanks.

Prizes :

You are playing for a

1st Prize - $50.00 voucher from a well known store as first prize.

2nd Prize - Kit totalling $40.00

3rd Prize - Voucher totalling $ 25.00..


Here is the sketch:

Here is mine:

Check everything out HERE

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