Sunday, December 12, 2010

ScrapAWHile needs HELP......

Facebook has alot to answer for i say....

All the smaller scrapping sites are closing their forums down...NOT GOOD!! It is just not the same without forums...they are very personal and a great way to keep in touch...


I'm writing to all the members who are currently registered on our forum, we need help - the forums are dying since Facebook started and as much as I love Facebook I still believe that Forum's have their place as well.
Please come back and be part of our community online at ScrapAWhile We could really do with your help otherwise we may need to shut the forum down.
Hope to see you there

Activity on the forum has just about come to a stand still and we need to get more people active on here or unfortunately it will need to close. The Design Team has tried their very best to offer exciting challenges, swaps and interesting chat but unless people participate it really is pointless.

I would like to say a BIG thank you to those who have tried to keep things going and have entered in the swaps and challenges, I really appreciate your efforts.

So this is our last ditch effort - I hope that we can see everyone back on here soon."


So if you feel the need to pop over...then by all means do so...we have lots of swaps,monthly challenges with prizes and we run Cybercrops to have a bit of fun....Ohhhhh...did i tell you we love to talk and scrap.....heee....heeee....

Come join in fun here

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