Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Might be a Long One....... is so busy at the moment...everyone keeps saying to me "How do you keep Up???"....i don't know how.....half the time i think i'm on auto pilot...LOL...

The girls have been swimming heaps and going to sporting carnivals for the school,swim carnivals in various towns and for our local Club nights...and doing really good personal times...Kayley made it through to Riverina at Albury this Friday for 5 events....Emma just missed year Em!! Kayleys fitness has improved heaps after the few bad years she has been sick with Pnemonia, tumour and Whooping Cough...she has been given a break for a change(well mum and dad anyway!!!)

All the girls are finishing off Little A's and starting Basketball and Gym...its going to be so funny seeing Bridget play for the first time...LOL...

The girls have started playing an instrument at school as well...and don't we know it at home!!!!! But its great to see their talents spread across different areas...

And well Andrew and I....we just work to support all these happenings...LOL....not much time to do much more...lucky i am a Binge Scrapper and get my layouts done all at once....

So enough about the Symons happenings and onto all the new challenges for the start of a new month...March...can't believe this year is going so fast....hard to keep up....

Bird Is the Word

Welcome to our February 27th challenge!! Our challenge word for the next couple of weeks will be BEAUTIFUL.

Create a page or project using the word beautiful, link it here .. Your entry will be in a random drawing to win a prize from Tidbitz In Time!!

Here is my layout example:


Workout #39- Glitter & Glam

I love things that are sparkly and glamorous, I think many girls are right there with me! With this layout we want to show off our Glitter and Glam! There are many ways to make things sparkle – glitter, embossing, paint, stickles and more! Now for the glam – lets make this a fun feminine layout, you make it soft and fully or bright and blingy! You Go Girl!

Here is my DT sample:

There are some wonderful prizes up for grabs which include first prize from The Paper Trail:

and second prize by ScrapFit:

Scrap The Girls

This months challenge is to use ONE of the following SHE quotes by Kobi Yamada as the title & inspiration for your LO

•She must be something special. She is.
•She loved life and it loved her back.
•She listened to her heart above all other voices.
•She pursued big dreams instead of small realities.
•She saw every ending as a new beginning.
•She discovered her real measurements had nothing to do with numbers or statistics.
•She was kind, loving and patient…with herself.
•She woke up one day and threw away all her excuses.
•She realized that she was missing a great deal by being sensible.
•She turned her can’ts into cans, and her dreams into plans.
•She ignored people who said it couldn’t be done.
•She had a way of turning obstacles into opportunities.
•She went out on a limb, had it break off behind her, and discovered she could fly.
•She walked in when everyone else walked out.
•She just has this way of brightening the day.
•She decided to start living the life she’d imagined.
•She colored her thoughts with only the brightest hues.
•She was an artist and her life was her canvas.
•She designed a life she loved.
•She took the leap and built her wings on the way down.
•She remained true to herself.

Here is my CT layout:

You can check out more CT examples and the challenge here.There are some great prizes up for grabs!!!

The Scrappiest

Sketch #109

Here is my example:

You will find all the DT examples and all of Liz's fabulous sketches here

Plus..i will be staying on at The Scrappiest along with some old and new faces:

Brigitte Van Linden (returning)

Jennifer Shaw

Karen Grose

Kerryn Fry

Kylie Symons (returning)

Laura Miller

Lisa Wilkinson (returning)

Luzma (returning)

Lynette Jacobs

Vicky Varvadouka


Kerryn said...

fantastic pages Kylie!

Ali said...

Gorgeous work Kylie, my fav is the one of you and Andrew. Good luck keeping up with that hectic life of yours. I'm still sad we won't be retreating together this year :(

Rachael Funnell said...

WOW!! you have been busy Kylie...
All of your Layouts are SENSANTIONAL.....
have a good 1

Jennifer said...

So happy to join you on the team! Your work is so inspiring!! :) Wonderful LO's!

Lynette said...

I love your work Kylie. I am really looking forward to getting to know you and to work with you in the next few months.


Kirsty said...

Holy Smokes! You have been busy!! All gorgeous as usual!

Bud to Bloom cReations said...

Some very different concepts to take on board - really great


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