Monday, January 18, 2010

Sydney.....hectic and fun....

Our only time away for our family was a trip to Sydney for Kayleys check up and MRI. Well, Andrew and i were relieved to hear from the specialist that everything is OK and come back in 12 months only had to tell us once and we both had smiles on our faces from ear to ear. During our stay, hubby took himself to emergency and turns out he has pnemonia and Bridget was heading into the same direction....well Emma and i are the good ones in the family...fitting fit....

We decided to take the girls to the Sydney Aquarium and Taronga we got to see the baby elephant ... we then went to the Parramatta Speedway to watch the sprint cars which i love...yes you heard hubby....30 laps and not one crash which was a bit of a are some pics

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