Sunday, December 9, 2012

So busy..busy...busy....

Why do we rush rush rush this time of the year. And it did not help that i was not ready this year! I am normally well organised but everything has crept up all of a sudden, and then everything hits at the same time! Today i have a luncheon with my grandmother, kids have a birthday party and a Christening to go to with their father! And the rel'os were thinking of getting together for a xmas night. Find out if that will happen later.

So i better get in quick to share a couple of challenge layouts...


and my layout:

a close up with a few D-lish Scraps embellishments:

Entries are to be linked up here no later than 11.59pm Monday December 31st 2012 to be in the running for one of this month's sponsor vouchers.

When linking your entries, please make sure it is linked to the specific post your layout is in, not your blog as a whole as it can be hard later in the month to find your layout, especially if you blog often. You can also link from any gallery including Facebook and Flickr.

Entries are to be created solely for this challenge and not to be used in any other competition or challenge.



This months challenge is...


* Make sure you link your entries here no later than 11.59pm EST December 31st.

Ok...i better get a scoot along and get a bit organised...catch you next time....:)

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