Sunday, December 2, 2012

Exciting News...

As another year comes to an end, and some of my DT positions close, some openings have popped up and i have been successful by gaining positions on a few NEW DT teams.....

My first being....

Scrap for Help

We are happy to introduce our new design team for 2013! It is a big team, with 32 amazing designers from around the world. These are the people who will inspire you, month after month, to make layouts and projects that incorporate recycled materials. You will see many familiar faces here, and many new faces as well. Our team members come from different countries, and they truly represent the international solidarity that is so important to Scrap for Help.

-Cindy Adkins (United States)
-Naiara Cicilia (Brazil)
-Barbara Caitete (Brazil)
-Paula Castells (Brazil/Germany)
-Andrea Castro de Albuquerque (Brazil)
-Anupama Choudary (India)
-Fanny Delobel (France)
-Lean de Ruiter (Netherlands)
-Dani de Sá (Brazil)
-Bente Fagerberg (Sweden)
-Juraci Falcucci (Brazil)
-Aline Fonseca (Brazil)
-Patti Hamil (USA)
-Chantelle Huizenga (Australia)
-Shona Keehn (Canada)
-Maiko Kosugi (Japan)
-Solange Marques (Brazil)
-Leonie Neal-Dawson (Australia)
-Elena Olinevich (Belarus)
-Denise Price (United States)
-Lydell Quin (Australia)
-Rita Ribeiro (Brazil)
-Marilyn Rivera (Puerto Rico)
-Sarah Routledge (Canada)
-Elisabeth Sarkis (Brazil)
-Meg Stoco (Brazil)
-Kylie Symons (Australia)
-Keren Tamir (Canada)
-Yuko Tanaka (Japan)
-Marcela Valadares (Brazil)
-Gerry Van Gent (Netherlands)
-Margreet Westerling (Netherlands)

I look forward to these exciting new challenges...challenges i think that will be!

You can check out the Scrap for Help Blog here . I would love you to follow and join me by having a go at our challenges.

My next exciting news is .....

White with 1

Please make welcome the new look Creative Team for White With 1, December through to the end of May 2013


and ME....

So looking forward to working alongside these ladies for the next 6mths.

This is my layout which i completed to be considered onto the CT...

and a few close ups:

So if your stuck for a challenge, why not join me over at White with 1 here....

And my last exciting news is i made it here...

Practical Scrappers

Congratulations to the following ladies who will be providing you with lots of inspiration here for the first half of 2013!

Admin Team
Christine Meyer
Erin Morehouse
Kerri Yarus

On Trend Team:

Cathryn Hanson
Malika Kelly
Audrey Yeager
Danielle de Konink
Wendi Robinson
Kylie Symons - this is ME!!!!!!!
Mary Pat Siehl
Marcia Dehn Nix
Nicole Laha

Specialty team:

Alison Day
Jennifer Haggerty
Liz Chidester
Patty Selah
Michelle James
Kim Ryden
Julie Comeau
Trish Hughes
Janice K
Dawn Carlysle
Krissy Clark

Ten things:

Charity Becker
Claude Campeau
Karen Sessions
Sarah Clark
Kelly Jean
Charissa Miller
Leslii Wagner
Kenya Guard
Corinna Revello
LeeAnne Thornton
Lisa Peeples
Linda Iswariah
Cathy Harper
Lanette Erickson

You can find alot of inspirational project over here.....

So i am looking forward to the new year and joing these new and exciting teams...

thankyou xxx

p.s i will be back tomorrow to share the new monthly challenges..bit behind...crazy this time of the year!


Dolly B said...

Congrats on all your DT positions, you are going to be a busy girl :)

Anne P said...

Congratulations Kylie, and welcome to working together again at WW1. :)

Kim Price said...

Congratulations Kylie, sounds like you have a wonderful 6 months ahead of you. Looking forward to seeing your creations :)

Leonie Waldron said...

goodness sounds like you'll be busy Kylie! well done, looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work :)

Janice Nicholls said...

Congratulations Kylie, I'm looking forward to working with you on the WW1 team and seeing more of your beautiful work. Might have to check out some of your other spots too. :)

Chantelle said...

congrats on making these amazing DT's Kylie - am happy to be working alongside you @ Scrap for Help and WW1 - wahoo :):)

Lisa P said...

Hey Kylie. Congrats on the other design teams as well as PS. Looking forward to working with you.

Keren Tamir said...

Wow You're going to be one busy gal. Love this Layout and that baby is a cutie.

Jasmine S said...

Congrats Kylie. Awesome news and your WW1 page is just gorgeous. Love that pic but your detail is amazing.

Denise Price said...

Congrats on your new teams--wow!

I'll be working with you on Scrap for Help, and I'm looking forward to it.

Julene Matthews said...

Congratulations Kylie.I'd already discovered you on SCrap for hElp and WW1.


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